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Engaged patients. Empowered staff.

The leading patient engagement solution provider.

We’ve been helping healthcare organizations deliver better patient experiences since 1950. What started as TV systems in hospital rooms to distribute mass communications has evolved into the country’s most trusted digital patient ecosystem. Wherever you’re hoping to improve, pCare has a solution to help.

For Patients

Activate through targeted education

Studies show educated patients have better outcomes so pCare helps you distribute personalized information through effective platforms.

Leverage the power of positive distraction

From TV to feature length movies, audio books, and relaxation videos, patients have multiple options to decompress and reduce anxiety.


Empower patients to manage non-clinical tasks such as ordering a meal, placing a service request, and adjusting room temperature and lighting.


From using VideoConnect to pairing personal devices to the IPS, allow patients and families to use the technology and devices they want during time in your facility.

Enhance the patient experience

Using key patient satisfaction metrics, our solutions deliver everything today’s proactive healthcare consumer seeks.

For Providers

Improve satisfaction

Use real-time feedback, TruthPoint Rounding, and Service Recovery to check in with patients and proactively address any issues that may surface.

Empower staff

pCare streamlines workloads and workflows while improving internal communications and unity across your healthcare system.

Drive efficiency

Leverage pCare Connect API to integrate with the EHR and other Health IT to automate and simplify care delivery.

Reduce healthcare costs

Create a self-subsidized, fully subsidized, or hybrid-funding model that makes sense for your objectives and can grow at your pace.

The Known Benefit
to Patient Outcomes


or Patient Engagement, is a strategy to help patients become primary stakeholders in their own health and decision making. Patient centeredness, patient education, and empowerment are recognized as key components in improving the quality and delivery of health services.

The Impact on
Clinician Burnout


of key healthcare decision-makers and influencers said clinician burnout was a major or critical issue. The need to ease clinical workloads is essential and incorporating technologies that reduce clinician burden, rather than add to it, can help.

Patient Engagement Solutions
Answer Consumer Demands


of patients want digital engagement and navigation options. Patients expect to be treated like customers.

Improving care through collaboration.

pCare is designed to improve care through increased collaboration. With personalized, data-informed programming and communication, pCare enables patients and families to play a more active role in their health journey. By bringing you together, care improves and patient satisfaction soars.

Physician, holding a clipboard, and nurse consulting with patient.
Female patient holding a tablet while sitting in a hospital bed.

An activated patient improves outcomes and the bottom line.

Enabling patients to engage with their care plan helps improve productivity and profitability. pCare allows patients to make informed decisions to personalize their healthcare engagement experience.

Allow your staff to do what they do best.

pCare simplifies patient requests and gives them direct access to meal ordering and environmental controls, allowing staff to focus in on care. Our collaborative care approach improves care quality, increases patient satisfaction, and boosts productivity.

Physician consulting with a patient while looking at medical information.
Doctor and physcican having a telemedicine appointment via a webcam and hospital television.

Modernizing your tv systems.

From replacing outdated wiring with state-of-the-art fiber optic and coaxial cable to installing the latest in today’s hospital-grade high-definition smart TVs, pCare is there every step of the way, enabling our provider partners to upgrade their systems and improve the patient experience.

pCare Cloud

Fully hosted in the cloud, hybrid, or on-prem: Flexible deployment options allow you bring the pCare platform to your facilities in a manner that best suits your internal systems and procedures. 

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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