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Streamlining patient care.

pCare helps you improve productivity and reduce costs by delivering effective care through efficient processes. Empowering patients to make informed decisions allows providers to practice at the top of their license. With real-time feedback, staff can quickly identify and address areas that may be great candidates for operational improvements.

Smarter care. Faster recovery. 

pCare streamlines your care delivery to help you serve your patients exactly what they need – and reduce time spent performing unnecessary or repetitive tasks. From better incorporation of feedback to automated CareFlows admissions, pCare helps improve efficiency and care. 

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CareFlows use data to personalize inpatient admissions in real time.

Available CareFlows include:

  • – Welcome CareFlow
  • – Discharge CareFlows
  • – Safety CareFlow
  • – Service Recovery CareFlow
  • – Pain Management CareFlow 
  • – Medication Education CareFlow
  • – Custom CareFlow — Your Protocols Automated
Reduce readmission

Bring down readmission through education, feedback and discharge tools built into the patient experience.

Service recovery

Our service recovery opportunities are created through user-friendly patient surveys via the Interactive Patient System or a pCare rounding tool. Smart data compilation results in improved HCAPHS scores and better patient-provider communication.

Focus on patient care

Reassign non-clinical care and admin tasks through the IPS system so your staff can focus on patient care. For example, education CareFlows leverage data in the EHR to select education for a patient and installed environmental and dietary controls allow patients to control their own comfort settings and meals.

Reduce length of stay

Through educating patients and engaging them on their healthcare journey, you can reduce their length of stay. Preparing patients for post-op recovery can deliver up to a 25% decrease in length of stay.

Medication adherence

Monitor and control medication adherence through pCare Ambulatory, a mobile application that connects patients and providers outside of the hospital.

Improve safety

Improve patient safety through fall prevention and infection control education CareFlows and rounding reinforcement surveys.

Capture revenue and marketing opportunities through focused programs and processes.

Meds-to-Beds allows delivery of prescription medications to patients prior to discharge and Welcome CareFlows provides direct access to hospital programs and amenities.

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Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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