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Deliver your message with Uniguest Digital Signage and Wayfinding solutions.

From helping patients and families navigate hospital hallways to bringing your brand’s values to life, Uniguest Healthcare Digital Signage and Wayfinding solutions provide timely information—offering comfort and control with every step.

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Trusted solutions,
fit to your vision.

In addition to single monitor solutions, Uniguest can deliver flexible solutions throughout the facility, including:

Video Walls
Create healing environments with soothing imagery, shoutout key donors, or celebrate your care team.

Wayfinding Kiosks
Simple, self-service stations to help all visitors navigate your facilities.

Waiting Room Implementations
Display engaging programs to entertain and inform patients, from special event promotions to local news and weather.

Digital Menus
Transform your cafeteria into an inviting, updated café.

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Endless Engagement

Empower your guests,
simplify your workload.

Reduce staff’s need to answer non-clinical questions and increase visitor satisfaction by offering self-service information, like clear directions to often sought after departments such as radiology.

Share your message
when it matters most.

Real-time capabilities enable you to craft timely and seasonal messages, such as flu shot reminders or promotions for your facility’s upcoming events.

Promote convenient amenities.

Drive awareness—and commerce—to available services throughout your network, including gift shops, pharmacies, and cafeterias.

Reinforce your commitment
to your community.
Share promotions of programs tailored to at-risk populations in your location or to those managing chronic illness, demonstrating your dedication to supporting those you care for.

Experience the Uniguest difference.

Seamlessly scaled and tailored to your unique needs

Uniguest Digital Signage for Healthcare lets you drive templated, connected content across as many screens as you need to bring your vision to life—whether it’s one or thousands.

The right message at the right time—right in the middle of the action

Features like scheduling and real-time feeds ensure your patients and families are receiving key messages when they need them most—from seasonal wellness reminders to emergency alerts.

Full-service, full support, fully trusted.

From design, hardware provisioning, and installation to software configuration and testing, we offer end-to-end support for all Uniguest Healthcare Signage and Wayfinding solutions.

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Here’s the tech to expect.

Intuitive, easy-to-use Content Management System
Our CMS software is created to ensure your Uniguest Healthcare Digital Signage and Wayfinding solutions fit seamlessly into your day-to-day operations with capabilities like:
  • Scheduling
  • Monitoring
  • Cross-display deployment
  • Drag-and-drop message creation
Flexible software deployment options
Ensure your facility’s unique needs are met with the ability to choose from a variety of software deployment options such as:

Utilize full cloud-management delivered with SaaS licensing and provisioning with no on-site server hardware.


Create your display network on an existing IP infrastructure through browser-based management with on-premises server hardware.


Manage your deployment from the cloud via web browser while utilizing local appliance hardware to deliver IPTV, video or rich media content.

Your customized, trustworthy solution for cross-network communication starts here.

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