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An interactive patient care system built for education, entertainment, and empowerment.

Better Connection. Better Care. Better Outcomes.

Next level patient experience starts with an interactive patient care system that drives collaborative care from the doorway to the bedside and beyond.

pCare’s Interactive Patient Care System (IPS) transforms television infrastructure into a communication hub that educates, entertains, and empowers patients while also enhancing job satisfaction and efficiency for care teams. Our open API platform integrates with EHR, facilities, communications, dietary, engineering, and other systems to offer a seamless experience for patients and families, as well as enhance health care organizations’ investments in other health information technologies.
pCare IPS Shares Information to Improve Outcomes
  • – Prescribed education delivers timely information to activate patients in their care
  • – Data-driven CareFlows automate education for specific pathways, e.g., pain management, discharge and support hardwiring, quality and safety initiatives like infection control and handwashing
  • – Ensures smooth care transitions and avoids unnecessary readmissions by reinforcing critical information starting at admission
pCare IPS Turns Positive Distraction into Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • – Digital channel guides and access to on-demand movies
  • – Audio books, photo sharing, video visits, internet access
  • – Relaxation content puts patients in the healing frame of mind
pCare IPS Gives Patients a Sense of Control of Their Admission in an Unfamiliar Environment
  • – Patients manage non-clinical tasks like room lighting, temperatures, shades, and a variety of other service requests while nursing teams focus on care activities
  • – Real-time feedback captures experience data and creates opportunities for prompt service recovery
  • – Dietary system integrations streamline meal ordering and delivery and automate the tracking of nutrition requirements and special needs
  • – Hardwire safety and quality metric capture to simplify compliance while creating efficiency

Communication Improves the Patient Experience

Digital Whiteboards

pCare Digital Whiteboard, available on the primary footwall TV or on a separate screen, fosters collaboration by integrating multiple systems into one easy-to read display.

  • – Improve patient-caregiver communication
  • – Support shift changes
  • – Display daily schedules, prescribed medication, care information and more
Digital Whiteboard

Room Connect

pCare Room Connect digital door signs communicate key information for the care teams at every room to improve safety, quality, and experience for patients and families.

  • – Display preferred name, precautions, risks, allergies and more
  • – Timers reset patient positioning and intentional nurse rounding
  • – LED sidelights can communicate critical information at a glance
  • – Touchscreen controls allow staff to control the IPS system without disturbing the patient


pCare VideoConnect is a cost-effective, easy to use, and scalable technology that brings telepresence to the bedside via patient TVs without additional equipment like computers on wheels.
  • – Family Connect allows for virtual visits
  • – Language Connect enhances interpreter services via video at the click of a button
  • – Virtual rounding and consults that connect to EHR
pCare Mobile

pCare Mobile

pCare Mobile’s bring-your-own-device option allows patients to use the devices they are most comfortable with to navigate the system and extend the IPS to family members.

  • – Control IPS features such as meal ordering, room controls and more
  • – Receive notifications when new content is prescribed
  • – View prescribed education after discharge

Real-Time Location Services

pCare integrates with RTLS systems to show care team name, role, and picture on the television or whiteboard upon room entry to inform while reducing anxiety.
Real-Time Location Services
Dashboards & Analytics

Dashboards & Analytics

pCare’s performance measurement tools automatically track more than 120 aspects of patient interactions along with patient and staff feedback to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of patient experience and engagement.

pCare Expert Support with You Every Step of the Way

Whether you are switching from an existing IPS or are implementing a system for the first time, the level of support and the ease of implementation you will experience with pCare cannot be matched.

End-to-end Capabilities

Work directly with the pCare team – from customizing your television system and installing hardware to configuring and training staff and patients on software. No other provider has the proven ability to satisfy both the needs of staff and patients like us.

Easy Installation

pCare employs OSHA- and HIPAA-certified, hospital-credentialed installers to provide, install, and test all hardware. Tiered service plans are also available for ongoing maintenance.

Easy Implementation

pCare Client Success Managers will work with cross-functional client stakeholders to configure the IPS software with KPI reporting to meet SOW specifications.

A Hybrid Approach
2024 Best In KLAS award

Why Choose pCare?

HITRUST i1 Certified and KLAS recognized as the quality leader in the interactive patient systems category for nine consecutive years, pCare is the partner trusted by leading healthcare organizations to improve care quality, patient outcomes, and financial performance.

“I like that we have the ability to assign education to patients and keep track of the timing for quality measures.”

“What makes the product stand out is that it is very easy to use. pCare is very responsive. The system is very straightforward and easy to navigate. It would not take long for anyone to adapt to it. The people who use it can figure it out in the first or second use.”

“When it comes to spreading the solution throughout our organization, the system is very convenient and affordable.”

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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