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Connecting patients,
families, and providers
through one seamless solution.

An immersive digital patient journey.

pCare Ambulatory helps patients manage their health at home and on the go – all in the same place. Leveraging the principles of patient activation, pCare Ambulatory journeys are structured to answer the question “what’s next?” for patients, caregivers and providers alike. See how pCare Ambulatory can lead the way to optimal outcomes and experiences for all stakeholders.

Keep all stakeholders engaged in the patient journey in real-time.

pCare Ambulatory allows patients and their caregivers to access their healthcare journeys anywhere they go in real-time.

Patient Journey

  • • Symptom reporting: real-time communication with care teams

• Pre-procedure: step-by-step guidance for patients and caregivers
• Outpatient: practical tips for self-monitoring and self-managing symptoms

Caregiver Circle

• Patient support: information to guide support throughout the journey
• Self-care: tips and tools to ensure caregivers are taking care of themselves, including stress management and support group resources

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Provider Experience

Implementation: Integrate the platform into existing care team systems and workflow + reach a large number of impacted patients from one communication platform
Triage: Triage patients who need a virtual visit, office visit, or hospitalization
Recovery: Remote patient monitoring, assess patient-reported outcomes and status of recovery with alerts on patients who may need support
Communication: Receive real-time alerts when symptoms worsen, reduce unnecessary calls from patients, facilitate safe and convenient contactless check-in
Administration: Capture appropriate documentation to support reimbursement
Research: Get insight reporting at provider, department, and organization levels to understand and analyze recovery trends
pcare technology screen

Strategic partnership with Quil.

pCare Ambulatory is created in partnership with Quil, the digital health communications company created by NBC Universal and Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield. The combination of the Quil Engage platform with the pCare Interactive Patient Care System creates the most powerful, continuous, personalized multi-platform patient engagement ecosystem spanning the continuum of care in the market today.

Seamless and simple collaboration – for everyone involved. 


Caregiver-specific journey that parallels the patient’s experience to optimize support

Accessible on all-glass – phones, tablets, laptops, Infinity X-1 Cable Television system

Provider integration with EMRs, Care/Practice Management systems, and the pCare IPS during those occasions when a patient is admitted to the hospital


Digital communication and consumer storytelling expertise through Quil’s parent NBC Universal


Multiple content formats designed to maintain engagement give patients access to articles, videos, surveys, reminders, registration forms and more

Drive activation and collaboration through configurable alerts and dashboards for all stakeholders

Leading the Transformation of Patient Engagement

pCare Ambulatory allows doctors to prescribe personalized digital care journeys. Once an invite is sent, patients and family caregivers as well, can sign up to manage appointments; access videos, articles, checklists, and PROs to help manage care; message with doctors and more!

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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