Digital Whiteboard

Quickly Surface Important Information for Staff & Patients

Improve Care & Communication

Communication that’s engaging.
Messaging that’s customizable.

Organizations of all sizes are realizing the benefits that pCare’s Digital Whiteboards for hospitals bring to both providers and patients. With flexible, engaging communication options, our digital healthcare whiteboard saves you time while keeping patients better informed.

Smart features on a powerful display

Display key patient and provider information on a dedicated Digital Whiteboard or on the TV in fullscreen or picture-in-picture mode. You can highlight patient preferences to help staff establish rapport, effect schedule updates to instantly keep everybody informed, and deploy real-time location services to display the name and picture of anyone entering the patient’s room.
pCare hospital display showing the patient preferences, programming options, and patient care team.
Patient portal screen with customized information and integration.

Customized information. And integration.

pCare’s Digital Patient Room Whiteboard fosters collaboration by integrating a number of systems into one easy-to-read display. EMRs, pharmacy, scheduling and more are all collected and presented in one place for the patient to read. For additional pCare team tools, explore Room Connect.

Display the pictures, names, and titles of care team members so patients and families can know who is entering their room. Help patients understand who they can reach out to during their admission.

Enhance engagement and drive better care collaboration via patient centricity with a visual reminder about patient motivations.

Provide a persistent reference for patients so they know what to expect over the course of their stay.

Include what the medication is, why it has been prescribed, and when the next dose is due.

Provide updates on the patient’s most pressing question: “when can I go home?”

Let caregives entering the room know how the patient is feeling to help provide optimal care and compassion.

An easy to view, in-room reference to help staff provide safe and effective care.

Include any dietary restrictions plus meal times and menus.

pCare in Action: Transforming patient care with digital capabilities

Saint Louis University Hospital partnered with pCare to create a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes our Digital Whiteboard. Patients see new information in real time and providers can more easily inform, educate, and communicate with patients. See how pCare’s Digital Whiteboard became the “crown jewel” of SLU Hospital.
Picture of Saint Louis University Hospital.

Discover more ways to engage patients with pCare

Our Digital Whiteboard is a powerful complement to pCare’s Interactive Patient System (IPS). Find out how to bring IPS, featuring Digital Whiteboard, to your facility.

“A lot of the technology is really focused on empowering patients to participate in their care or empowering the provider to more seamlessly provide information to the patient about their care. If you think about a typical whiteboard or grease board in a patient room… we’ve integrated that with our electronic health record, so that information is kept in real-time.”

– Chris Bullerdick
Regional Vice President of IT at SSM Health

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