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VideoConnect Telehealth Platform powered by eVisit

An open, extensible approach that scales telehealth to any point in the care continuum. 

One telehealth solution, many uses.

With capabilities to improve patient satisfaction and care efficiency, VideoConnect will transform your healthcare operations

Telehealth platform connecting doctors, patients and families
Family Connect

VideoConnect allows patients to video chat with friends and family – all from your existing pCare TV infrastructure. Without any need for staff facilitation, patients and loved ones can easily keep in touch. Friends and family can even check on patients who are asleep or uncommunicative.

Language Connect

Without any additional hardware, staff can launch a video session with remote interpreters to facilitate better communication with family caregivers, physicians and nurses. Workflow configuration routes to internal interpreter resources first before third-party contractors or vendors.

Clinician Connect

Extend the reach of staff and support efficiency initiatives by enabling providers to remote into the patient room from any location. One click from the EHR can launch the encounter on the the in-room television. 

Virtual Care Everywhere

With our integrations to scheduling within the EHR, sending reminders, and facilitating one click session initiation; our secure, HIPAA compliant virtual care platform allows your care team to efficiently consult with patients, explain options and next steps, capture consents, and automatically document back into the EHR. And only pCare leverages the power of the interactive patient care system TV to deliver enhanced and no-hassle telepresence consults directly to patients in your hospital.

Integrate today.

Scale tomorrow.

Telehealth is here to stay. So invest in a trusted provider that allows you to scale to your future needs. By using the platform you’ve already invested in, pCare VideoConnect is quickly deployed with minimal disruption. With no need for new hardware, VideoConnect is cost-effective and easy for staff to use.

The pCare VideoConnect Difference

Piggy Bank
Cost effective virtual care, built on open-API architecture, and leverages existing hardware at one-third the cost of other solutions. Boost efficiency and reach while improving margins.
Integrations with your EHR simplify existing workflows and drive staff adoption while one-click launch make it easy for patients and family caregivers to enjoy the benefits of telepresence and virtual care.
Flexible deployment options to utilize your existing technology
Trusted support by pCare, ranked Best in KLAS for IPC systems

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