Connect the care team and patients by displaying key information at the entrance to each hospital room.

Interactive features enable staff to queue up Interactive Patient System (IPS) features for the patient. As a pioneer in interactive communication technology, pCare has created Room Connect, the powerful smart door display. Room Connect shows key patient information right at the entrance of their room, so providers can quickly get to know each patient’s status and needs.

Simple installation. Immediate results.

Simple installation. Immediate results.

Room Connect’s interactive touch screen is an always-on device that is mounted right outside the patient’s room for fast, convenient access and critical information. It is available in multiple sizes to accommodate your facility’s design model and only requires a low-energy PoE Connection.

Need-to-know information, at the point of entry.

Room Connect can be configured to display various information such as preferred name and language, safety alerts, allergies, risk and pain levels. When synced with different systems such as EHRs, the display shows care updates in real time. Staff can offer more personalized attention when they are informed and can greet a patient immediately, instead of focusing on a chart. For even greater connectivity with patients, explore Digital Whiteboard.

Precaution Sign on Room Connect screen
Tablet outside room, tv inside room

Empower staff with more efficient communication

Room Connect facilitates staff efficiency by making key information easy to access for all involved providers. Automatic updates remove the need for handwritten precaution notes and the screen’s visibility supports safety protocols. Room Connect interactive controls allow the staff to safely tune the pCare IPS television to specific applications for the patient without having to use the patient’s personal pillow speaker.

Discover more ways to engage patients with pCare Room Connect is a great enhancement for any pCare IPS implementation. Find out how to bring IPS, featuring Room Connect, to your facility.
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