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pCare Cloud

Flexible deployment options for your IPS

Optimized Deployment

Optimized Deployment

As an Enterprise Cloud solution, pCare offers flexible deployment options to meet the unique needs of your security protocols and network capabilities.

Fully Hosted in the Cloud

Fully host your entire solution in pCare Cloud, including the IPS application and all education and entertainment content. This is an excellent solution for facilities that are short on space or trying to optimize IT staffing.
Fully Hosted in the Cloud
Cloud Hosted by pCare - Diagram

A Hybrid Approach

Most pCare clients choose a hybrid hosting approach for their IPS. pCare installs a small agent application that runs on a Virtual Machine (VM) provided by the hospital. This VM manages local integrations such as lighting, HVAC, and ADT and securely connects to the remote pCare Cloud application. Some facilities also decide to install the video streaming server onsite to reduce bandwidth requirements.
A Hybrid Approach
Hybrid Approach Diagram

On-Premise Hosting

For facilities that need to host their solution onsite due to restrictions in security protocols. In such cases, our experts manage the installation of pCare servers in the facility’s onsite server room.
Diagram - On-Premise Hosting

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