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Device freedom meets award-winning patient care

Keeping your staff and your patients connected – across all devices and departments.

pCare transformed hospital television systems into communication hubs – but that’s only scratching the surface of our access capabilities. We offer universal access through a host of devices and technology to connect your entire facility. From infusion centers to emergency departments to beyond the walls of your facility, pCare keeps you seamlessly connected.

Open architecture simplifying integrations and communication.

Leverage pCare’s capabilities to keep patients and facilities better connected through pCare Connect API. This proprietary technology allows you to integrate multiple systems and streamline care.

See how SSM Health successfully opened a new smart hospital campus powered by pCare connectivity.

Additionally, pCare Connect API allows facilities to leverage pCare functionality in their own developed apps and portals. It simplifies integration with all manner of HIT in use today, including:

Device Manager


Event Manager


Media Manager


Patient Manager


Patient Messaging

Clinical Intelligence Engine


JMS Topics

“If anybody is looking at pCare’s product, then they are looking at integrations. If they are going to integrate and not just have a TV with a couple of videos on it, then they will go to pCare’s product. If they are looking to integrate with nurse calls, lights, and shades, then they will go to pCare.” — Director, March 2020
Room Connect Screen

Increase mobility with a fleet of tablets.

With Mobile Device Management in place, you can add flexibility to how you deploy pCare throughout your facility while improving patient experience with easier access to games, internet browsing and more.

Give your patients the freedom to use their own devices.

pCare pairs easily with personal devices so patients can freely use their own phone or tablet to navigate their health journey. They can view education during and after admission, control entertainment on the TV, order a meal, or launch a VideoConnect session. Additionally, they can access their care team and daily schedule, make a service request and manage their room’s lighting and temperature – all from the device they are already familiar with. Plus, pCare runs on any device, no downloads required.

man using tablet in hospital bed with woman nurse
little boy in hospital bed

Simplify use of your IPS system for patients with pCare Voice.

pCare integrates with Alexa devices so patients can control their TV with simple voice commands. Now patients can ask their TV to turn on, select a specific station or movie, control the volume, view education videos and more.

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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