A new IPS may be one key to boosting nurse retention

Attracting and retaining qualified nurses has reached a critical breaking point in healthcare facilities across the country. As administrators see monetary and scheduling incentives fall short in meeting staffing goals, it may be time to invest in a system that improves the overall experience, not just for patients, but also for providers and staff.

The combination of rising labor costs and the staffing shortage are straining the nursing workforce

The data is clear and the need to implement effective nursing retention strategies is clear.

A top pressure facing hospitals is the
nursing shortage

84% of respondents reported struggling with
nursing workforce coverage

Nurses are more frequently
leaving positions

In the past year, the nursing turnover rate
has increased 16%

Many nurses are contemplating
leaving their job

22% of the nursing workforce reported that they are
considering leaving their role within the next year

Rising pandemic cases puts pressure
on nurses who remain

Nurses are increasingly encountering verbal and
physical abuse from frustrated COVID patients that is
driving them from their jobs.

Nurse retention is negatively affecting the quality of healthcare

The McKinsey survey revealed the direct impact decreased nurse retention is having on patient care and hospital capacity:


Projected Increase in Clinical Labor Costs from 2022 to 2023 1


Bedside Nurse Turnover Rate 2


Current Bedside Nurse Vacancy Rate 2022 2


Average Cost to Replace a Hospital RN 2

1. The gathering storm: The transformative impact of inflation on the healthcare sector, September 19, 2022. McKinsey & Company. https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/healthcare-systems-and-services/our-insights/the-gathering-storm-the-transformative-impact-of-inflation-on-the-healthcare-sector

2. 2023 NSI National Health Care Retention & RN Staffing Report, March 2022 NSi Solutions. https:///www.nsinursingsolutions.com/Documents/Library/NSI_National_Health_Care_Retention_Report.pdf

Current retention and recruitment efforts are falling short

97% of respondents reported deploying a tactic over the last three months to keep their nursing numbers up. Unfortunately, these top tactics don’t address a core contributor to nurse retention issues: improving the work environment. Among the failing recruitment and retention strategies are:

  • Wage increase
  • Recruitment increase
  • One-time bonuses
  • Cross-skilling and upskilling nurses
  • Flexible schedule implementation
Nurse Recruiting Strategies

pCare Interactive Patient Care System: A key to nurse satisfaction and retention

Nurse Retention

Don’t underestimate the power the right IPS can have in improving the job experience for your nurses. Throwing money at a problem only goes so far. And it really doesn’t solve the underlying issues. The pCare IPS is designed to make the job itself more enjoyable. This big-picture thinking solves problems, rather than just treating symptoms.

Here are four ways a pCare IPS supports nurse retention:

1. Optimize time at the bedside & beyond

By streamlining healthcare processes, pCare helps hospitals operate more efficiently. When nurses feel like their time is valued and they are engaged in fulfilling work, they are less motivated to leave their roles. With end-to-end integration, tasks are routed directly to support staff allowing nurses to practice at the top of their license, creating a productive healthcare facility.

Virtual Nursing via Clinician Connect telepresence allows nurses to easily remote into a patient room via the IPS Television extending the reach of your team while providing job flexibility.

2. Foster better patient outcomes

Job satisfaction comes when nurses know they are having an impact and their core matters. By fostering collaboration and communication, the pCare IPS helps improve patient self-efficacy in their ability to manage care post-discharge. Nurses report “the (IPS education) view rates… makes the team much more confident in the quality of care they are able to provide.”

3. Empower patients in non-clinical self-care

The pCare IPS includes capabilities that empower patients to manage nonclinical tasks such as ordering a meal, changing the room temperature or lighting, and placing a service request for cleaning. This not only provides patients a sense of control in an unfamiliar place but also boosts job satisfaction in nurses by allowing them to focus more fully on clinical care.

4. Offer staff appreciation opportunities

Feeling appreciated is a strong motivator for staff retention. pCare helps facilitate nurse appreciation with TruthPoint leadership surveys that enable management to collect data and share stories on when and where superior care was delivered. Through integrations with partner organizations such as DAISY and Wambi, patients can use the pCare IPS to access nurse recognition programs that facilitate personalized thank-you’s.

It’s time to move beyond monetary and scheduling incentives for nurses

As nurse retention challenges continue to affect hospitals, it becomes clear that we need to go beyond incentivizing them to stay in the current environment; we need to improve the environment itself.

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