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Targeted patient engagement.

Driving collaborative care.

Patients who are actively engaged in their own health journeys see more improvement than passive participants. pCare helps you boost patient engagement by leveraging the healing potential of collaboration, communication and positive distraction. With personalized education and patient actions along with more opportunities for feedback, we help patients and providers work together at a higher level.

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“Having the option of nominating a nurse on the pCare system has been very beneficial to recognizing the hard work and quality care our nurses are providing to patients. The increase in nominations compared to last year alone shows how much easier it is through technology at their fingertips. Patients are much more willing to commend the care they receive from nurses during their stay!”

— Andrea Peine-Ardila, MHA, PMP
Patient Care Logistica and Process Improvement Manager
Hackensack University Medical Center

Personalized education

For each patient, personalized education covers conditions, medications and treatment options available on-demand in many languages. Choose from over 7,000 evidence-based educational videos from top content producers and leverage the custom content you have created. Triggered by medical record data, videos can be served to each patient at the right times in their journey.

Environmental controls

Increase patient satisfaction and decrease nonclinical call-button requests for your nursing staff through environmental controls and meal requests. pCare empowers patients to control their own environment – and frees staff to focus on care giving.

Real-time feedback tools

Give patients and staff the ability to make immediate adjustments to improve the patient experience through real-time feedback.

Positive distraction

Positive distraction is shown to improve healing in patients. pCare offers a wide range of curated entertainment options to keep patients involved in the outside world and focused on something positive.

Cross-continuum communication

The pCare cross-continuum application (pCare Ambulatory) creates a mobile-optimized digital journey that engages and activates patients before, during and after episodes of care. This real-time guidance and personalized education maximizes patient satisfaction, retention and volume.

Waiting room and common area customization

pCare Practice helps you create a positive patient experience from the very start of each care visit. Custom waiting room screen content promotes services and staff, gives announcements and reinforces your brand promise of superior care and service.

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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