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Rounding. Data collection. Service request management. Feedback analysis—all on one performance improvement platform.

Well-rounded Care Starts with Rounds Well Managed

Whether being used to assess patient status from the bedside or communicate with patient caregivers, our digital patient rounding tool, TruthPoint®, saves time, enhances patient experience, and improves outcomes.

Strengthen Staff Morale

TruthPoint delivers an easy-to-use digital patient rounding platform that saves time and improves outcomes.

  • – Runs on any mobile device or tablet for easy data access and capture
  • – Comes with professional guidance and support for veteran healthcare workers
  • – Decreases time spent reviewing and analyzing results
Enhance Care

TruthPoint’s simple, intuitive user interface makes our software simple for your team to provide better care.

  • – Hardwire best practices for quality and safety
  • – Identify communication gaps and promote accountability
  • – Track targeted performance outcomes via OnPurpose reporting
Create Efficiencies and Improve Satisfaction

TruthPoint seamlessly integrates with your EHR and communications systems for closed loop processes.

  • – Customize rounding for staff schedules and workflows
  • – ADT feeds streamline personalization and improve communication and collaboration

TruthPoint Rounding in Action

Combining evidence-based tools, processes, and guidance, this integrated platform delivers rapid and sustained improvement across the continuum of care.

Increase in completed rounds


Decrease in time spent completing rounds


Decrease in time spent reviewing and analyzing results

Closed-loop service recovery management means quicker responses and greater satisfaction—for patients and employees.

Faster Responses
Faster Responses:

TruthPoint’s platform streamlines cross-team and patient-provider communications, making for a better care experience all around.

  • – Capture needs quickly and easily
  • – Route requests directly to the responsible team members for improved efficiency
  • – Close and document resolved issues online, in text, and via email
Built-in Intelligence
Built-in Intelligence:

TruthPoint’s immediate integration of key information gives nurses and other care team members a thorough understanding of patients’ needs.

  • – Manage requests generated through pCare’s Interactive Patient Care System
  • – Monitor progress through rules-based workflows and real-time visibility
  • – Improve patient and employee experience through EHR integrations and analysis
  • – Integrate and coordinate ticketing systems used across hospital departments

Survey engine features help keep a pulse on satisfaction to make improvements that matter.


TruthPoint’s survey engine provides care teams with real-time feedback from customers, empowering staff to provide the care patients need.

  • – Invite and capture feedback across email, SMS, or QR Code
  • – Offer feedback opportunities throughout the care continuum, from within the waiting room to pre-discharge surveys
Driving Care Improvements:

TruthPoint collects data directly from patients, giving you valuable insights that can be turned into high-impact improvements.

  • – Understand what’s most important to your key stakeholders
  • – Customize offered questions to gather insights that are meaningful to your team
  • – Ensure quick remediation and service recovery with real-time alerts

TruthPoint CoachAdvisor Services

When it comes to the patient experience, you need to act on the answers you get from the questions you ask. Leveraging real-time feedback requires both technology and a strategic process. You can rely on our advisors to engage your team, leverage the strengths of your organization, align with your improvement objectives, and provide the resources needed to rapidly achieve them.


Personalized, strategic assessments to address your organization’s needs and provide customized and cost-effective intervention based on those needs.


Ongoing support to identify focus areas for improvement, strategies to drive and sustain improvement, and the right tools to execute on improvement.


Guidance, support, and leadership to mentor client teams to improve your quality and patient experience outcomes in any care setting.

pCare TruthPoint Client Success Series

2024 Best In KLAS award

Why Choose pCare?

Recognized by KLAS for nine straight years as the quality leader in the interactive patient systems category, TruthPoint is also highly rated. See how some of our clients explained how TruthPoint is helping to deliver superior care below.

“We use TruthPoint Rounds for a virtual style of rounding, and we also use the platform to augment another patient survey solution. Our patients really like TruthPoint Rounds because the surveys and things that we send are not long and drawn out.”

“TruthPoint Rounds gives the nurse managers the ability to answer real-time feedback on their iPhones, no matter where they are, and that is great.”

“What I like about TruthPoint Rounds is that it is very intuitive and easy to use. I get quick turnaround times from end users, and I get volume reports the next day. I like that the product has built-in service alerts that allow for very timely and efficient service recovery opportunities.”

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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