On the Airwaves – pCare Guest spots on Healthcare Podcasts

pCare subject matter experts including Dave Bennett, Executive Vice President- Healthcare and Tim Vaughan, Vice President Product Management – Healthcare, are sought after by leading podcasts to weigh in on a variety of topics including: Digital Transformation •  Patient Engagement and Patient Experience Best Practices • The Emerging Smart Digital Hospital • And More.

See below for some of their recent spots.

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The Human Touch in Healthcare Technology with Dave Bennett

In this episode, Dave Bennett, the Executive Vice President of Healthcare at pCare by Uniguest, shares insights into the groundbreaking work being done at pCare by Uniguest, their approach to adding value to the healthcare ecosystem, and the impact of technology and people on healthcare innovation. He discusses the organization’s success in aligning with customer needs, integrating technology into organizational culture, and fostering long-term employee loyalty. 

Listen here.

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Fostering Patient Engagement: Blending Technology with Human Touch with Dave Bennett 

CEO Dave Bennett discusses how pCare has found a way to balance the benefits of technology while maintaining the human touch in bedside patient care, not to mention freeing up valuable time for nursing staff to focus on patient care rather than drowning in administrative work.

Listen here.

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HealthBiz Podcast: pCare CEO Dave Bennett on Patient Engagement

pCare has been around for decades and it’s fascinating to learn about its evolution from a TV rental business to a digital consumer and patient family engagement device.  Dave describes his approach to developing a value proposition for technology and fostering its successful integration within healthcare organizations.

Listen here.

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Episode 33: David Bennett of pCare answers the $1 million question: How can health systems keep patients for life?

David Bennett, CEO of pCare, joins Justin Steinman  to discuss how technology, amenities, and basic bedside manner intersect in a patient’s care experience—and what consumers can do to stay informed and navigate the healthcare system more effectively.

Listen here.

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Episode 48: Interactive Patient Systems and the Digital Hospital of the Future with pCare CEO Dave Bennett

Dave Bennett, CEO of pCare, share his thoughts on how an Interactive Patient Care systems supports digital transformation efforts and what innovators should be mindful of as the adopt new technologies.

Listen here.


Podcast Episode 91: Engaging the Patient with the Hospital Room of the Future. A Conversation with pCare CEO Dave Bennett


Dave Bennett, CEO of pCare, discusses the changing tone and climate of patient experiences and how pCare has leveraged technology and innovation to develop a truly remarkable hospital room of the future.

Listen here.


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To Care is Human: Healthcare’s Renaissance to Digital Transformation


pCare CEO Dave Bennett sits down the Stacy Palmer, Sr. Vice President and COO of The Beryl Institute, to discuss the importance of embracing technology and how a digital transformation can enhance all aspects of the human.

Listen here.


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Healthcare with Purpose: The Journey of pCare: Empowering Patients through Technology and Innovation


Discover how pCare revolutionizes patient experience in healthcare with technology. Tim Vaughan, Chief Product Officer at pCare, discusses scaling challenges, AI’s role, and improved outcomes.

Listen here.

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