Let There Be Songs to Fill the Air: Thank You Philadelphia Orchestra

Bob Abrahamson, Chief Marketing Officer

Yesterday was a difficult day. Protesters stormed the United States Capitol complex. At the end of the day, democracy prevailed, the election was certified. But I was shaken. Still am. As the dust settled, I turned to music. Ripple calmed my nerves and got me centered. It helped.

Despite troubling events and what has been a difficult time, it’s important that we keep positive, recognize the good around, and be thankful. I was reminded of a program pCare has made available to hospitalized patients in the greater Philadelphia area by the good graces of The Philadelphia Orchestra . To combat the isolation that patients face due to visitation restrictions brought on by COVID, The Philadelphia Orchestra has allowed hospitals to stream recorded performances to patients. In a time when many arts organization are facing existential threats, The Philadelphia Orchestra donated their content to help patients through this difficult time.

During the second half of 2020, pCare broadcast eight different Orchestra performances. Earlier this week, I was chatting with the pCare Patient Experience Vice President who works with area hospitals making The Philadelphia Orchestra’s programs available to patients. She shared a story about a unit that had the Orchestra’s performance of The Nutcracker showing in every room one evening infusing the floor with Christmas spirit.

I am blessed with good health, by and large. When I consider the lift music gave me yesterday and think about the potential it has to provide relief to those dealing with illness, it makes the programming provided by The Philadelphia Orchestra all the more special. With that in mind, I thank the Orchestra for making their music available and helping pCare meet our mission of improving patient experience.

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