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Personalized engagement across the full continuum of care.

Deliver optimal care in today’s challenging environment.

Improve care plan adherence by making each patient’s care journey inspiring and empowering. This cross-continuum patient engagement solution enables providers to give patients and their caregivers more of what they need how, when, and where they need it. 

Mobile optimized, patient personalized care journeys.

pCare Ambulatory helps drive greater patient and care team collaboration—in the hospital, back at home, and everywhere in between.

Digital journeys allow patients to use any device (phone, tablet, laptop, and X1 cable TV) to manage health at home and on the go
Improve preparedness from the start with customized care plans broken down into manageable steps
Deliver a personalized experience and put patients and their support team in control with opportunities for real-time patient feedback, integrated rounding, and more
Offer a smoother discharge and monitored recovery to improve at-home compliance and reduce readmissions
Integrate data from varied sources—insurance claims to wearables—to fuel specific workflows
Ensure secured communications between the care team and patient through the app, SMS, and email
Deploy decision logic to trigger the addition, deletion, or substitution of content within a journey based on the data
Consumer-grade content synthesized for today’s patient population by the same editorial staff that creates content for NBC/Comcast News including the Today Show and NBC Nightly News

Provider dashboard with alerts empower Care Navigators to quickly see how patients are progressing through their journeys and triage those who need more immediate attention​.

Partner with the leader in integrated patient engagement solutions and create a better care journey for your patients – and your staff.

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