Five Ways to Simplify Patient Engagement with QR Codes

QR Code Illustration

Tim Vaughan, Chief Product Officer, pCare

It took a while for QR codes to catch on in the US.  As this article points out, the need for contactless communication – especially in bars and restaurants – drove adoptions of QR codes during the COVID pandemic.   Now that QR code reader apps are a thing of the past, here are a few creative ideas for using QR codes in your patient engagement initiatives.

  1. Touchless Surveys – One of our clients put a QR code on posters that were strategically situated in post-vaccination waiting areas. It turns out that 15-minute period was a great time to capture feedback via TruthPoint. Over 3,000 patient experience surveys were collected.
  2. Placemat Recognition – Print QR codes on your tray table placemats encouraging patients to nominate nurses and other team members for recognition and kudos via DAISY, Wambi, or your in-house recognition program.
  3. Snap for Your Record – Strategically placing a QR code on a digital whiteboard or an IPS screen can drive patients and families to register for your hospital portal and access to their medical records and a host of other services including medication ordering and appointment scheduling.
  4. BYOD Access – provide the convenience of accessing a multitude of interactive patient care system features from a mobile device by simply clicking on a conveniently located QR code. Meet the communication and information consumption device preferences of today’s consumers.
  5. Facility Maps in the Parking Garage – Create a positive experience for patients, families, and other visitors to your facilities at the outset by providing easy access to guides designed to help navigate your campus.


This list is just scratching the surface.  Think about other important information you want to make easily available to patients and families on their devices – then post QR codes ready for scanning:

  • Include a QR code on digital door signage to enable staff to easily carry must-know information about the patient into the room.
  • Quick Access to Welcome Videos from your CEO on Digital Signage in the Lobby
  • Links to Community Based Organizations to address Social Determinants of Health


QR codes are easy and free to create.  And with technology advances, QR codes are easily readable from both print and digital displays.  Leveraging the now familiar QR codes gives patients and families direct access to information while relieving staff of the time needed to provide routine information.  Try it today.

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