Shape the Path

How do we continue helping our hospital partners respond to the ever-changing needs of our industry?

One principle is to avoid attributing a problem to an individual when it’s actually the surrounding environment that enables the problem to persist. Rather than administrators blaming nurses for a high rate of errors in administering medications to patients, we can help create an environment of safety by providing medication information through pCare to help educate patients.

Another area of opportunity is to build habits that support the mission of the organization. We can apply this concept to our hospital partners looking to improve communication and better serve the patient. We are working to develop new Welcome or Admit screens and videos for patients using pCare to support improved engagement in communications with staff.

To shape the path, use the collective power of the group to analyze the situation we’re in and the change we want to accomplish, and then act together to move towards that goal. One example was the noise reduction program at Penn Presbyterian in Philadelphia. The goal was to create a quieter environment at certain hours so patients could get the rest they need. Our team worked together with hospital leaders and staff to shape a new path by making changes to our processes for the benefit of the patient.

Small changes, moving in the right direction, can become big changes that have their own momentum.

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