New pCare and Coro Health Partnership Will Bring Health Benefits of Music & Spiritual Support to Hospitalized Patients

Innovative Offering Will Help Hospitals Combat Isolation for Patients Fighting COVID-19

New York, NY, November 17, 2020 pCare™ and Coro Health, LLC announced a new partnership today designed to integrate therapeutic music and spiritual support into pCare’s Interactive Patient System. The new offering is now available for any pCare client and will leverage Coro Health’s multiple offerings, including MusicFirst and CoroFaith. 

“One of the biggest challenges hospitals and healthcare systems face in caring for patients during a pandemic is the isolation that comes with infection control measures,” said Dave Bennett, CEO of pCare. “In the absence of face-to-face contact with family, friends, and even the hospital staff, music and faith can break down the walls of the care setting and help bring patients into the mindset needed for better patient outcomes and reduce the pressures on the staff caring for them.”

The impact of music on psychological, heart, brain and other areas of health[1] have been the subject of scientific study, including research funded by the National Institutes of Health.[2] In a peer-reviewed clinical trial published in the Journal of Music & Medicine, MusicFirst programs reduced agitation and depression in patients in memory care or long-term care settings by 27 to 54 percent.[3] The outcome-based therapeutic music programs draw from a library of over 20,000 songs by the original artists. Every song in the library is broken down into nine distinct characteristics through a proprietary Music Prescription™ building process. The songs are then woven together in a systematic way that fosters outcomes and promotes clinical benefits.

Created by a team of over 12 diverse spiritual advisors, CoroFaith offers patients over 1,000 hours of spiritual and religious support programs covering 80 percent of the world’s spiritual and religious traditions and beliefs. The offering is built on the recognition of the role of spirituality in patient care and the gaps that exist within healthcare delivery.[1]

“COVID-19 has put a spotlight on an issue that’s not new. Music and spirituality are vital tools in the healthcare setting – whether acute care, outpatient, assisted living, skilled nursing, hospice or others,” said David Schofman, co-founder and CEO of Coro Health. “When we don’t create easy access for patients, we miss a chance to improve not just outcomes, but a more meaningful experience of care for patients and their loved ones.”

pCare clients seeking to enable this content for their patients are encouraged to reach out to their Patient Experience Manager. “Our team has worked rapidly with Coro Health to integrate this offering into pCare’s platform,” said Bennett. “It’s a uniquely challenging time for patients and the clinicians who care for them, and there has never been a better time to make the healing properties of music and faith easily available to patients.”

About pCare™

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About Coro Health

Coro Health, a digital therapeutics company, is the industry leader for on-demand therapeutic music and faith offerings, serving more than one million daily users in 8,000 healthcare communities. Its clinically proven solutions include MusicFirst, which has a library of more than 1,500 music programs designed to support mental and physical wellbeing and reduce pharmacological intervention, and CoroFaith, which includes the largest database of inter-faith content within the healthcare industry. For more information, visit  

[3] Petr Janata, et al. Effects of Widespread and Frequent Personalized Music Programming on Agitation and Depression in Assisted Living Facility Residents With Alzheimer-Type Dementia. Journal of Music and Medicine; Vol 4, No 1 (2012)

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