Collaborating over the Next Couple of Months: Take a Breath and Keep the Focus on Caring

Dave Bennett, CISM, CEO

We may be in for a rocky couple of months.  As I write this, COVID19 infections are increasing in 41 states.  All indications are that with temperatures dropping and people spending more time indoors, a third surge may very well be on its way.    Then there is the presidential election occurring in what is a very politically divided nation.  While this is not the place to opine on the outcome, it is fair to anticipate that in the run up to election day and with a potential delay in receiving final results, tensions will be running high.     

And this is all happening in the backdrop of six months of social distancing and massive disruptions in our way of life.  The stresses we are all under cannot be understated.   Halloween is not going to offer the same level of release as the past.   Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is not going to be the same with less family around the table.   Yet, I find it helpful to remind myself at times like these of all for which I am thankful.  With those things in mind, I offer the following thoughts:

  • Take a Breath.   So much has been happening and the demands may continue to pile up.  It’s so important to take five.  Acknowledge the changes, disruptions, frustrations that may be confronting you as real so that you can come up with strategies for sensibly moving forward.  Bottom line is to give yourself a break.
  • Collaborate.  Remember that you are not going through this alone.  pCare has built our business on creating tools that foster collaboration; it is the foundation of our success in the realm of patient engagement.   Look beyond differences in circumstance to find opportunities where all can thrive.
  • Focus on Caring.  When times are tough, I do find solace in reminding myself why I do what I do and then making it happen.  In my case, that’s working toward creating solutions that facilitate the best experience and outcomes for patients and providers.  It’s this focus on caring, this reminder of what is truly important, that will help us all manage through the most difficult of times. 

As noted in above, we may be facing another surge in COVID19 cases.  While we have experience to lean on, there is also a degree of exhaustion we collectively need to acknowledge as we manage through what is ahead.  Breathe.  Collaborate.  Care.  Keep in mind the needs of patients; families who may not be able to visit loved ones in isolation; front line staff endeavoring to provide the best in care while staying safe and being present for their families.   Regardless of what is in front of you, pCare is ready to assist you, your staff, and patients with our full suite of solutions including VideoConnect, COVID19 Recovery Journeys, pCare Tablet Configurations, and more.  Yet,  it’s just as important that you take the time to center and take care of yourselves to ensure the best in patient care and outcomes. 

Breathe.  Collaborate.  Care. . .  for a great rest of 2020 and beyond.

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