Be Kind in ’22

Bob Abrahamson, Chief Marketing Officer

Be Kind That is my resolution for2022.  It’s actually my resolution every year. It is not because I am an unkind person. At least I don’t think I am.  “Be Kind” is a personal mantra that I like to keep top of mind especially when it gets stressful. It was helpful during my recent 15-hour trip from Florida to Pennsylvania over the holidays. A shout out to the United Airlines gate agent at Sarasota airport who was managing 3 gates, multiple delays and cancellations, training staff, and keeping passengers informed. 

This article from Patient Engagement HIT lists the leading patient engagement trends as we head into 2022:

  • • Consumerism
  • • Health Equity, Health Disparities
  • • Communicating in a Landscape of Polarization
  • It’s a solid list. As we develop and rollout engagement and collaboration solutions in the coming year, it will be extremely helpful to remember “Be Kind” as we address these trends.

Healthcare consumerism has been on the rise for years.  And while we are making progress toward value-based care, the transition is slow. Fee-for-service arrangements still cover a majority of engagements. The reality is that encounters are happening in a sick-care paradigm.  The consumers are patients and not at the top of their game.  Providers are still dependent on frameworks for reimbursements that may not adequately compensate for time spent with patients.  The pandemic has only added stresses to the system.  Be Kind.

The pandemic also shone a light on issues of health equity and the resulting disparities that lead to bad outcomes for subsets of the population. Rooted in societal constructs dating back to our founding, it’s going to take focused, sustained effort to fix these issues. To those who have suffered and to those who will have to make necessary sacrifices to address problems they did not create – Be Kind.

A couple of months ago, I wrote about listening with empathy here.  In today’s politically charged times, finding common ground to build collaboration can be surprisingly challenging.  Focus on the common objective – good health outcomes – and work to set the personal politics aside. It worked for myself and my primary care physician who has since retired.  We were kind.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2022 and look forward to working together in the spirit of empathy and kindness as we build a better healthcare system for everyone.

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